George Floyd was Tortured to Death

The video could be the worse one yet. The police officer held his knee on the neck of victim while he begged for his life. Even after the handcuffed George Floyd was clearly not responsive the ‘law enforcement officer’ kept his knee on the neck. And despite the pleas of onlookers. It was as if the cops were torturing Floyd to death. In fact, that’s what it was. Let’s not mince words.

Those 4 cops were quickly fired after the video went viral. Would they have been fired without the video? Probably not. By why weren’t they arrested?

George Floyd

Klobuchar has illusions about becoming Biden’s VP pick. She also is the Senator of state where cops have a history of committing terrible acts of brutality. Remember Philando Castile? Or how about Justine Ruszczyk (Diamond)?

This comes at a time when it seems police violence is seemingly getting worse. Virus or no virus.

Ahmad Arbury was murdered for jogging while black by an ex-police officer and covered up by a corrupt police department.

In New York social distancing violations carry with it a possible death sentence. Especially if you are a person of color.

And even if you are not African-American you’re life is danger.

But there is a definite advantage to being white. Law enforcement bends over backward to be tolerant. Even if that person is wielding a weapon.

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