U.S. Coronavirus Deaths Still at Levels from over a Month Ago

The politicians are ‘opening up’ the country despite Coronavirus deaths being a levels seen over a month ago. On May 14th there were over 2,000 deaths nationally. On May 12th it was nearly 2k. That was higher than early April when deaths spiked up to around that number.

Why are we talking about getting back to normal when Americans are still dying. In fact, the danger is that we might see things worsen. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the leading authority on the virus, warned what could happen if we open up too soon.

This could be catastrophic. And most of it would be the fault of Trump and Republicans who want to get the economy moving again in time for the election. They are willing to sacrifice thousands of lives for political gain. And Democrats are too meek to sound the alarm.

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