Joe Biden’s Poll Numbers are Collapsing Against Trump

On March 20th of this year Joe Biden had a polling advantage (on average) of 7.4 percent over Donald Trump in the upcoming election. On May 8th the margin had dropped to 4.4. Or 46.8 versus 42.4 for Trump. A Drop of 3%. Almost at the margin of error. That is a statistically significant drop. Most of the decline can be attributed to Biden’s poll numbers which went from a majority (51.2%) to 46.8 percent. Trump, on the other hand, saw his numbers drop from 43.8 to 42.4, a drop of only 1.4%.

Currently only 89.2% are voting for either Trump or Biden. It was 95 percent Trump or Biden on March 20th. That is a drop of 5.8%. Those numbers suggest voters are turning away from either candidate. The more voters think of their choices the more they are having second thoughts. Particularly as it relates to Joe Biden.

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